The ancient kingdom of Rhos in north Wales is no longer marked on the map but its legacy lives on in the form of Rhos-on-Sea, a small suburb of the coastal town Colwyn Bay.

Rhos-on-Sea is loved by walkers and strollers alike, with the elegant promenade a popular starting point for gentle walks and longer treks. The Bryn Euryn hill fort above Rhos is around three hours' walk away and rewards those who make the trip with some spectacular views.

Back in the village, cafes like the Corner Cafe and Rhos Harbour Cafe will be happy to let you rest your feet and enjoy some local refreshments, while the Ship Inn and the Cayley Arms will be able to serve you something stronger, should you fancy it.

The rich, varied history of Rhos-on-Sea is on display at a number of sites, none moreso than St Trillo's Chapel. This tiny chapel was once the mother church of a parish that extended for miles around and dates back to the 6th Century.

Visitors to Rhos-on-Sea can choose from a number of excellent self-catering cottages in the area and the locals are only too happy to regale tourists with tales of the village's illustrious past. One of the more amazing stories is that of a Welsh prince from the area who discovered America in 1170 - over three hundred years before Christopher Columbus!

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