Snowdonia is blessed with some of the most celebrated and varied rock climbing in the world and the lower grades of the Ogwen Valley provides a great basewith some fine bouldering venues, and some of the finest climbingin the entire North Wales area.

The Idwal slabs offer the classic eternities of Hope, Faith and Charity while just down the road Tryfan rises just over 3,000ft. and gives long mountain routes on its eastern face.

The Carneddau lies to the north of the Glyderau range. Amongst this wild and
expansive range of mountains, a number of high and remote crags offer peace and
solitude away from the hustle and bustle of the Idwal circus.

As well as being blessed with superb and varied rock climbing, Snowdonia is also blessed with a wide range of rocky landscape and wildlife and rock climbing is the perfect way to see these from a unique angle.