One of a number of towns laying claim to being Wales' oldest, Carmarthen has spilled forth a bounty of Roman artifacts over the years and is a treat for history buffs and lovers of traditional Welsh market towns set in attractive natural surroundings.

A Roman fort dating back to around AD75 has been excavated at Carmarthen and it stands near a surviving amphitheatre, Moridunum Dematarum. Going forwards in history, the Norman castle that stands at Carmarthen was built in around 1094 and has survived despite numerous attacks and invasions over the centuries.

The legends and myths that live on in the town add a touch of magic to any visit to Carmarthen. Some Arthurian legends claim Merlin was born in a cave just outside the town and walkers visiting the area can climb Byn Myrddin (Merlin's Hill).

The history of Carmarthen lives on at the town's market, which was given a charter and founded in 1180. Around the walls of the market, exerts from The Black Book of Carmarthen can be seen, showing poems and examples from the earliest surviving manuscript written in Welsh.

Carmarthen cottages are a great way to experience what it is like to live amongst the 15,000 residents and there are also plenty of secluded getaways in the surrounding Carmarthenshire countryside, along the banks of the River Towy.

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